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There was very few changes on the Triumph TR3 throught production period. But one detail helps to sort a TR3 among TR3 As or Bs : the front grille. While early TR3 had a small air intake (shaped like TR2's) with a thick square pattern grille, later Triumph TR3 A and B have an enlarged grille where parking lamps are fitted.

Triumph TR3

- small "TR2" air intake, 

- thick square pattern front grille.

early Triumph TR3 small grille

Triumph TR3A and TR3B

- enlarged air intake,

- wider front grille to fit the new air intake,

- front lamps set higher,

- T R I U M P H chromed letters added over the grille.

Triumph TR3 side screen
Do not trust the hood and screens, they do not  prevent from water leaking inside the car when driven under pouring rain. So what ?
Triumph TR3
Anyway, the TR3 is more funny to drive top down, under the sun.

Triumph TR3
This TR3 is fitted with steel wheels.

Triumph TR3 rear bumpers
The tank filler, behind the tonneau, is common to all Triumph TRs and Spitfires. For your own sake, never ever overfill.
Triumph TR3 steering wheel
Strangely, this TR3 est fitted with a TR4 steering wheel. Perhaps original on late TR3B ?
Triumph TR3 seats
Behind front seats, a so called rear seat could be added.
Triumph TR3 steel wheel
A very nice wheel center finisher on a TR3 steel wheel.
Triumph TR3 badge
The Triumph "TR3" badge, as seen over the grille.
Triumph TR3A
On the TR3 A and B, the chromed "TRIUMPH" letters are added below the front badge.
Triumph TRA3
The red trim contrasts with the black body's colour.
Triumph TR3 dashboard
This one is red with a black trim.

Triumph TR3 chrome wire wheels
A tonneau cover protects the car's interior from the rain and burning sun..
Triumph TR3 tonneau cover
This is a mandatory equipment.

Triumph TR3A
Cars exported to France were equipped with yellow tinted lamps.

Triumph TR3 boot rack
The TR3's boot is very small, but a luggage rack can be added.

Triumph TR3A
The hood is attached with ten fasteners to the windscreen. Look accurately and guess were the rain goes.




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