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The MGB and MG B GT changed many times during the 18 years they were produced. Appearance (bumpers, front grille, rear lamps and interior) as well as mechanical (engine, emission equipments, gearbox, starter motor) undergone minor or major changes to comply with local regulations. Here are the main evolutions detailed with pictures. Learn to identify the MGB version that will meet your needs.


MG B and B GT, Mark1 and Mark2 : 1962 - 1969

- Chrome grille, thin rear lamps, reverse lamps during 1967 (on the last Mark 1 MGBs). Electric wiring is connected positive earth.

- 4 speed gearbox with no synchromesh on first gear on Mark 1, fully synchronized from Mark 2, emission equipments added on MGB Mark 2 exported to North America.

- metal dashboard, except on US export Mark 2, leather seats, pack away hood and hood frame.

From 1962 to 1969 the MGB is fitted with a nice chromed grille. Many later MGB owners fitted this early MGB grille type on their cars.
This is a Mark 1 MGB without reverse lamps. Until 1970, over-riders are fully chromed.

MGB MK1 rear badge
Pre 1970 MGBs bear this three pieces MG badge with the chrom MGB lettering on the boot lid.

MG MGB 1962 - 1969 rear lamp
The thin tail lamps at close up. These lasted until 1969.

MGB Mark 1 dashboard
This dashboard of the earliest type was fitted to all MGBs to 1967. And on European MGB's to 1971. So was this original steering wheel.

Up to 1968, leather seats are offered with a contrasting piping.

MGB hood cover frame
Up to 1970, MGB's weather equipment is the pack-away type. The hood and frames are stowed in the boot when not in use. This pictures shows the hood cover frame.
MGB hood frame socket
Here goes the hood and hood cover frames when fitted.

Green MGB MK1 side
Some french market export MGBs were fitted with yellow headlamp lenses.

Green MGB MkI rear
The MGB has a superior boot capacity in comparison with MGA or other British sports cars. But the spare wheel still fill half of the available room. A luggage rack allows to carry more than one suitcase.
Les Leston steering wheel on a Mark 1 MG B
This is not an original steering wheel, but a rare LES LESTON. On this car, the dashboard was painted in the same body colour.

Launched in 1965, the MGB GT benefits from a  roofline designed by Pininfarina.

Grey MGB GT Mark 1 bullet mirror
This MGB GT is fitted with period Hella fog lamps. The interior trim is red with white piping, a colour combination available with its original sandy beige body paint.
This is a Mark 1 MG B GT, without reverse lamps. An additional fog lamp is visible on the lower left side.

MG MGB GT 1965 - 1969 rear badge
Pre 1970 MGB GTs  bear the same three pieces MG badge as the roadster, with a specific MGB GT lettering.

MGB 2 eared spinner
Standard on all export markets, painted wire wheels (chromed ont this picture) had two eared knock-ons until 1967.
Black MGB GT
This is a Mark 2 MGB GT. From front view, there are no differences with the Mark 1. This car has no front over-rider.

MGB GT Mineral Blue
This MGB GT mark 2's colour is mineral blue. Here with front over-riders.

Mineral Blue MGB GT
On this 1968 MGB GT Mk2 the grille and chromed overriders are original.

MG B GT Mineral Blue rear
Late Mark 1 MGBs built in 1967 and mark 2 have these small square reverse lamps.

These blue seats with light blue piping are the correct trim combination with a mineral blue MGB.


From 1968, north american export MGBs  have a new dashboard to comply with the new US safety regulations. Also notice the headrests.

US MGB "Abindgon pillow" dashboard
This soft trimmed dashboard type is nicknamed "Abindgon Pillow". Abingdon is the city were MG cars were produced until 1981.

MGB post 1967 octogonal wheel spinner
From 1968 (MGB mark II), eared
knock-ons were no longer allowed. Wire wheels were locked with octogonal spinners.

MG B and B GT mk2 "chrome bumper" : 1970 - 1974

- new "recessed" grille with chrome surround on 1970 to 1972 model years, chrome and plastic "honeycombe" grille from 1973 to 1974, over-riders covered with rubber, new flat rear lamp lenses, front and rear bagdes changes.

- SU HS4 carburettors replaced with twin SUs HIF4 in 1971.

- new europeans dashboard from 1972, and new US export dashboard -now with a glovebox- from 1973 model year, cars now fitted with vinyl seats (plus fabric  in the GT coupes), new hoodframe design, pack away type is discontinued.

From 1970 to 1972 the front grille is the new recessed type.

At first glance, no change on the rear end. On this car, the  over-riders should be rubber covered.

There are new rear lamps and badges.

The B GT lettering in a new design moved to the left side. The rear lamps size is unchanged but now the lenses are flat to
increase visibility. The reverse lamp is unchanged.
red MGB GT mark 2 side
Even if the roof line was designed by Pininfarina, the rear window look much like Bertone's Alfa Romeo Giulia GT coupe.

MGB octogonal spinner
From 1970, the wire wheels became optionnal on export markets too.

MGB GT mark 2 dashboard
On european cars built from 1970 to 1972, dashboard is almost the same as 1960's cars. The car radio is located in the middle while the speaker take place in a centre console above.
MG MGB 1970 - 1972 steering wheel
New steering wheel with stamped round holes. The gear lever knob is not original.

MGB Mark 2 radio console
From 1973 to 1976, european dahsboard is sligthly modified. New air vents replace the car radio, now moved to a new centre console. This car has an original round gear lever knob.

Europeean MGB windscreen wipers
On all but american markets, the MGB Mk2 have two windscreen wipers.

MGB US market windscreen wipers
Until 1972 wipers were bright finished, and painted black from 1973. Three wipers indicate with no doubt an US export MGB mark 2 convertible built from 1969.

US MGB front side marker lamp
The side marker lamps appeared on US export cars from 1970. But they are often deleted by owner's choice when car is restored. This MGB's paint is Harvest Gold a colour that was available from 1972 to 1976.

This car has the correct over-riders type fitted from 1970. But the grille is the one of an earlier version.

At this point, you should know what is this MG's model year.

MGB mark II rear
On a US export MGB Mark 2, the side marker lamps have red lenses.

MGB 1970 on rear badge
 This black and chrome rear badge appeared in 1970 on the MGB's bootlid. It lasted on GTs only from 1970 to 1972. The MGB lettering will be deleted starting 1975.
US Market MGB GT front side
Another Harvest Gold US export MGB. Still with a pre 1970 grille.

US MGB GT MK2 side
Rostyle wheel were standard equipment from 1970.

Ford Capri Rostyle wheels
Two tones Rostyle wheels where fitted on several cars in the 70's. Here on a Ford Capri.

MGB GT 1973 - on rear badge
In 1973, the MGB GT rear badge is now single piece.

MGB 1970 engine
The MGB engine is a 1798cc Austin series B. Reliable, quite powerful with enough torque to re-accelerate from 1300 rpm in third gear.
MGB 1973 - 1974 Grille
A 1973  "Teal blue" MGB next to a North America export  (3 wipers) built between 1969 and 1972.

1973 MGB roadster
Here is another 1973 MGB with the correct honeycombe grille.

MGB 1973 - 1976 seats The new seat pattern introduced in 1973.

MG B and B GT mk2 "rubber bumper" : 1974 "1/2" - 1981

- new bumpers (including air intake at front side) made of urethane.

This is the most important aesthetic change in MGB history : new rubber front and rear bumpers.

1978 Rubber Bumper MGB rear side
These bumpers comply with the American safety regulation which
applied to bumpers to prevent the damage to the car body at barrier impact speeds of 5 mph.
1978- MGB side minilites
As the US
standard requires protection in the region 16 to 20 inches above the road surface, Rubber bumper MGBs have a higher ride heigth.

The minilite wheels are nice accessories.
Despite their appearance, these cars are a good choice for those looking for a daily driver MGB.

US market Rubber bumper MG B
As they are always black, dark MGBs look better that light tone ones with these rubber bumpers. Some owners painted the rubber bumpers in the same body colour.
MGB mark 3
Like most of the left hand drive rubber bumper MGBs, this one is a US export car.

MG B mark3 rear
As you can see with specific side  markers, license plate, and red/amber (instead of amber/red) rear lamp lenses.

MGB black rostyle wheel
Some rostyle wheels were repainted in a single colour (usually black or grey). This car is fitted with optional chrome wheel rims.
MGB 1978 dashboard
New change in 1977 : this is the latest "US export " dashboard type.

MGB 1978 radio console
The radio console changed too.

MG B 1978 instruments
The insturments are new. The speedometer now reads a maximum 80Mph. Deceptive in comparison to early MGBs but fast enough in United States where speed limit is 55 mph.

MGB 1978 seat
Still in 1977, door trim changed to a new design with radio speakers pre installation.




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